The Back Story

Hi and welcome! I’ve been a dog walker since 2012 and also enjoy playing the on demand dog walking lottery in my spare time (hello, ADD!). I studied aerial and circus arts for about 5 years, eventually “going pro” with teaching and performing. In both dog walking and aerial arts, security is of the utmost important because an equipment failure could lead to catastrophic results. You always need a backup plan! And I needed reliable dog walking equipment that I could use in a variety of different situations.

One day, I was out walking one of my daily dogs and trying to take a picture of him (because dog walking photos are part of the biz these days) when this happened:

Shakey shakey
Oh whoops

This is a dog that I’ve been walking for 3 years, and this was the only time this has ever happened! I slowly approached him like nothing ever happened and was able to get him back on lead. But OMG I was mortified!

Afterward, I started to walk certain dogs using two leashes (one for backup) but that was just…not cute. I wanted to find a leash that was versatile; one I could throw in my bag, and that could be used in a variety of scenarios depending on my schedule for the day. AND, I wanted it to be stylish and affordable. I couldn’t find a leash that I loved, so I started to make my own.

yesss… fashion NYC dog accessories

Rescue Rope Leads have a clip on each end, so there is a secondary point of attachment and Fido is more secure on a walk. If Fido were to slip his collar or harness, he would still be attached to me with the other clip. This functionality is especially important for on demand dog walkers, where a walker may not be familiar with Fido’s equipment and nuances. If Fido slips an ill fitting collar when he’s out with his owner, it’s not that big of a problem. But if he slips a collar and gets away from his walker, then it’s a huge problem. Trying to catch a loose dog in NYC is the LAST thing I want to do with my day.

All purple everything

Additionally, with two points of contact the force of pull is distributed between two points instead of one. This puts less pressure on any one point of attachment, which makes it less likely for the equipment/clasp/lead to fail and less likely for the dog to injure itself.

A rainbow of Rescue Rope Leads

Each leash can be customized in terms of size, length, rope color, hardware color and trim color.

I look forward to hearing from you!