How TF Do You Use These?

Where is the handle?

There is no handle per se, to allow for maximum versatility. The most simple use is a large loop type handle.

If you prefer a more classic type handle, you can make a knot toward the end according to your preference.

The larks head knot is a fairly easy way to cinch the loop around an object – carabiner, door knob, wrist, etc.

For Extra Security

Ideally, the dog you’re walking is wearing 2 pieces of equipment – a flat collar with ID and a harness, martingale collar, pinch collar or head halter. In this scenario, you would fasten one clip to each piece of equipment.

The “clip and slip” is for situations where the dog is only wearing one piece of equipment; one end of the leash is clipped to a ring on the dog’s equipment, and the other end is made into a slip lead by fastening the clip onto the rope itself.

For Extra Versatility

For a short lead, you can fasten both clips to one point of contact on the dog’s equipment. I like to clip them facing opposite directions just incase you encounter some crazy shearing force.

For a medium length lead, you can fasten one clip to the central fixed ring, resulting in a large looped handle

For a long lead, you can “slip” one end of the leash to use as a handle and clip the opposite end to the dog’s equipment.

Walk two dogs with one lead

Hands free dog walking

Dog Hitch

Off Label Uses

Snowshoe/crate/plant carrier

Tug toy

Rescue Horse Lead

How to Store Your Rescue Rope Lead

Rescue Rope Lead, but make it fashion!