Our Products

Any size leash can be used with any size dog (or cat or critter) and the length can be cut to order. Just ask!

The Traveler – This pocket sized leash is cut to 8′ in length and compact enough to fit in your gear when you’re on the go. Recommended for small dogs.

The City Slicker – This is a great option for urban dog walkers. It’s small enough to stash in your bag, yet versatile enough to walk mostly small dogs with some larger dogs sprinkled into your schedule. Standard sizing is 8′ in length. Recommended for small/medium sized dogs.

The Explorer – This is the most popular size leash we offer. It’s great for dog walkers who walk mostly medium/large size dogs. Standard sizing is cut to 10′ in length.

The Wrangler – This is thickest leash offered, and can be used as an actual horse lead. If you walk behemoths and pullers, this leash is for you. Standard sizing is cut to 10′ in length.

Please email info@rescueropeleads.com with questions!